Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why don't Senior Officials of the Democratic Progressive Party get "Join the UN" Tattoos?

News Analysis: Officials get "Join the UN" Tattoos.

Media: Why don't Senior Officials of the Democratic Progressive Party get "Join the UN" Tattoos?

Food prices on Taiwan are going through the roof. The public is unable to make ends meet. How does one increase the number of signatures on "Join the UN" petitions at a time like this? This has become high-ranking Democratic Progressive Party government officials' biggest challenge. Some members of the Legislative Yuan declared that they have "taken a stand" on behalf of the "Plebiscite to Join the UN." The media has satirized these DPP officials. Do they really consider "Joining the UN under the Name Taiwan" a sacred mission? Then why not imitate the Nationalist army troops who retreated to Taiwan, who tattooed anti-Communist slogans on their bodies? Why not give themselves tattooes reading "Support Taiwan's Membership in the UN?"

In 1949 the Kuomintang government retreated to Taiwan. Many Nationalist officers and soldiers tatooed anti-Communist slogans on their chest or arms. This symbolized their determination to recover the Chinese mainland. This became a concrete gesture by which troops could swear their allegiance to their national leader. On October 16 President Chen Shui-bian declared that he would personally set up a stall in the night market to increase the number of signatures on the "Plebiscite to Join the UN" petition. Many officials began declaring that they would "Swear Allegiance to the National Leader." Is it any wonder the media couldn't resist taking a shot at these people?

Source: Taipei newspapers

News Analysis:官員入聯刺青




來源:Taipei newspapers

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