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Biological Mother and Wet Nurse: Chen Chih-chung's "Ballots for Justice"

Biological Mother and Wet Nurse: Chen Chih-chung's "Ballots for Justice"
United Daily News editorial (Taipei, Taiwan, ROC)
A Translation
November 24, 2010

Executive Summary: Those who have pinned their hopes on Tsai and Su, hoping they will "transcend" Deep Green dogma, are certain to have their hopes dashed. Unless one can change the DPP's Deep Green nature, all such hopes will be in vain. The Deep Greens will vote for Chen Chih-chung. Needless to say they will also vote for Chen Chu, Su Tseng-chang and Tsai Ing-wen.

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The truth in the Chen Chi-chung prostitute solicitation scandal has emerged. Paradoxically Chen Chih-chung's election prospects have been given a huge boost. Democratic Progressive Party candidates in the same voting district are hurting, and have declared an emergency. Even Frank Hsieh, who has been stumping for Chen Chih-chung, is worried that "the votes may be too concentrated."

How should one interpret this apparently incomprehensible phenomenon? Some think this is merely the reaction of Deep Green voters, and lacks larger significance. Such a view involves a serious and long-standing misconception. It assumes that Deep Greens are merely a "minority," merely a "tail wagging the dog." In fact, Deep Greens are not a minority. They are a voting block constituting roughly 20% of the public. They advocate Taiwan independence and indiscriminately oppose Pan Blue administration policy. DPP core supporters constitute roughly 40% of the public. Deep Greens constitute about half of that 40%. Deep Greens are no minority. More importantly, as this newspaper noted on the 13th, Deep Greens may not command an absolute majority within the Green Camp, but neither are they "merely a tail." They constitute its hard core, its main body. Chen Chih-chung is not the only one seeking to survive by appealing to the Deep Greens. So are Chu Chen, Tsai Ing-wen, and Su Tseng-chang. None of them can turn their backs on the Deep Greens and expect to survive, That's because the Deep Greens are the mother of the Green Camp and the DPP. They are the source of Green Camp nourishment.

The simple fact remains that Deep Greens in the Xiaogang District and Qiancheng District will be casting their ballots for Chen Chih-chung. They will also be casting ballots for Chen Chu. That is why Chen Chu stumped for Chen Chih-chung. Similarly, Deep Greens in Kaohsiung will be casting their ballots for Chen Chih-chung. Deep Greens in Taipei will be casting their ballots for Su Tseng-chang. Deep Greens in Xinbei City will be casting their ballots for Tsai Ing-wen. What this political paradox means is that in the eyes of Deep Green DPP supporters, Chen Chih-chung is no different from Su or Tsai. Conversely, Tsai, Su, and Chen Chih-chung must acknowledge the Deep Greens as their biological mother, and their primary source of political support.

Chen Chih-chung, Chen Chu, Tsai Ing-wen, and Su Tseng-chang are the same. All consider the Deep Greens their biological mother. Where Chen Chih-chung differs from the others, is that he has suckled only at the teat of his Deep Green biological mother. The others have also suckled at the teat of swing voters. As a result, several generations of "swing voter wet nurses" have nursed these politicians in their Deep Green biological mother's stead. The result has been several generations of genetically and indelibly Green politicians. The bizarre spectacle of politicians jointly raised by their biological mothers and their wet nurses is nothing new. These politicians did not make their debut during this year's five cities elections. If we think back, we realize this is an old story. The actors may change, but the script remains the same.

The Deep Greens are the biological mother. The biological mother backs Chen Shui-bian, Chen Chih-chung, and Cheng Hung-yi. Therefore no DPP politician can distance himself from Chen Shui-bian, Chen Chih-chung, or Cheng Hung-yi. No DPP politician can "transform himself" or "transcend Deep Green dogma." No DPP politician can extricate the Democratic Progressive Party or Taiwan from Deep Green quicksand. That is because the Deep Greens are their biological mother. They are the main body, not the tail.

This is the source of political deadlock on Taiwan. Generation upon generation of "swing voter wet nurses" have nursed liberal reformers within the DPP, in the hope that they would "transform" themselves or "transcend Deep Green dogma," that they would extricate the DPP and Taiwan from Deep Green quicksand. But a wet nurse is merely a wet nurse. Who is willing to be an unfilial son and defy his biological mother? Therefore swing voters are merely icing on the Deep Green cake. Just as wet nurses are merely icing on the biological mother cake.

Everyone says the DPP is adept at electioneering. What they really mean is that it is adept at manipulating its biological mother and its wet nurse. The ongoing five cities elections show that the Deep Green biological mother is willing turn a blind eye to Chen Shui-bian's corruption, to Chen Chih-chung's solicitation of prostitutes, and to Cheng Hung-yi's repeated uttering of "F**k Your Mother!" As a result, Tsai and Su are playing the "new happiness" and "transcendence" cards. They have no qualms about acting coquettishly toward their wet nurse. Their biological mother nurses them unconditionally. Their wet nurse nurses them in the hope they will turn over a new leaf. In the end however, they merely wind up nurturing yet another generation of Deep Green politicians.

This "biological mother plus wet nurse" campaign strategy helped make Chen Shui-bian. Remember his "New Centrist Path?" It will also help make Tsai Ing-wen, Su Tseng-chang, and Chen Chu. Consider their recent "pink themed" makeovers, and their electric light versions of the Third Lotus Prince. Every generation of DPP politician trots out his own "centrist path." Every generation of "swing voter" reenacts the role of long-suffering wet nurse. But as long as the DPP's biological mother remains the Deep Greens, every generation of DPP politician will merely be another Chen Shui-bian or Chen Chu. They might not engage in corruption. They might not solicit prostitutes. But they will invariably march toward the same political dead end. They will invariably attempt to divide society and provoke hatred between Taiwan and the Mainland. Why? Because of the support they receive from their biological mother and wet nurse. Their biological mother and their wet nurse have fundamentally different expectations regarding good and evil and right and wrong. These differences in expectations allow them to manipulate their supporters. During a crisis of authority, they can always seek refuge in their biological mother's arms. Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian have both done precisely this. The farther they proceed, the deeper they descend. The farther they proceed, the lower they sink. Not one of their successors has been able to escape this fate.

As a result, those who have pinned their hopes on Tsai and Su, hoping they will "transcend Deep Green dogma," will have their hopes dashed. Unless one can change the DPP's Deep Green nature, all such hopes will be in vain. The Deep Greens will vote for Chen Chih-chung. Needless to say they will also vote for Chen Chu, Su Tseng-chang and Tsai Ing-wen.

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