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Naysaying Social Movement Cannot Help Taiwan
United Daily News editorial
2014.05.05 02:46 am

The Economist magazine
observed that Taiwan's future "may well be decided in the streets."
Its implications were twofold.
One. It implied that the political system's decision-making power has increasingly weakened.
Two. It implied that street protests are not an effective means by which to lead a country.

The Economist's observations were not without grounds.
In an April 29 editorial, this newspaper
asked, "Will Taiwan be reduced to obeying the command of mobs in the streets?"
This expressed The Economist's concern over this phenomenon.
The Sunflower Student Movement
delayed the STA.
Perhaps that was due to unavoidable circumstances.
But Lin Yi-hsiung fasted to protest the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant.
The ruling administration, under internal and external pressure, took it upon itself to cave in and "mothball" the plant
In effect, it turned a "Referendum on Whether to Halt Construction on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant" into a more difficult to pass "Referendum on Whether to Restart Construction on the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant."
That said
the government is still unable to quell the controversy over the referendum law threshold.
The DPP continues its ongoing struggle.

The Ma administration policy made policy concession to the street protesters.
Was this really necessary?
Either way, it has done enormous damage to the image of public authority.
The government was unable to convert the masses on the streets.
It was unable to persuade its own officials that its decisions were sound.
It revealed that the government was cowardly and timid.
Even more seriously,
it is paying the price for undermining the rule of law. 
It sacrificed the will of the silent majority.
This is the most frustratingly aspect of all.
Over the past two years,
the Ma adminstration has repeatedly retreated in the face of street mobs.
The only thing it has gotten in return is shriking public authority.

The perverse phenomenon of "street mobs determining public policy" is now the norm on Taiwan. 
The opposition Green Camp parties bear considerable responsibility.
The Legislative Yuan is one of the important sectors of the government.
Yet the opposition Green Camp parties, who occupy over 40% of the seats in the legislature, have never seen themselves as members of the government,
They never attempt to contribute to the nation.
Instead, they constantly enage in obstructionism,
inciting divisions,,
obstructing the progress of the nation and society.
If not for 20 years of internal confrontation between Blue and Green,
how could Taiwan have declined
so precipitously, 
such that the new generation no longer holds out any hope for the future?
Taiwan's low growth, high unemployment,
flip-floppng policy decisions,
make any consensus difficult to achieve.
Was this really all the doing of President Ma alone?

When politics fails,
street movements emerge.
Protesters vent their dissatisfaction.
That is understandable.
It is also an important means of forcing the government to address problems.
But taking to the streets too often,
especially when one lacks a positive agenda,
becomes agitation merely for the sake of agitation,
They can never solve Taiwan's economic stagnation or ensure its future.
The reason is clear. 
Recent protests
have all flown banners in opposition to this, that, or the other.
They have all been to prevent the government from achieving its goals.
In fact,
The Ma Chiang government has not done enough.
This will only lead to greater government wheel-spinning.
It will lead to greater stagnation, making Taiwan ever weaker.

Frankly, today, the government is still talking horse " free economic demonstration zone "
Regain the year due to political turmoil in Taiwan and unable to do the "Asia-Pacific operations center " dream
In fact, more than 20 years has been adversely affected by time .
When the global earth-shaking changes have taken place ,
Mainland China will soon become the world's largest economy,
Spatial and temporal variability ,
Taiwan is able to stage a comeback ,
Obviously numerous questions .
However , if you do not promote the " free economic demonstration zone "
Taiwan still has many roads to choose from,
But it is a greater survival strategy.
This problem
DPP can provide any answer?
The answer is no.
Street demonstrations and mass student can point in any direction it?
We do not see any signs .
So, just victory in the Battle of antinuclear four of Lin Yi-hsiung ,
Threatened to appeal to the people to boycott legislation " free economic demonstration zone regulations " , the
If he re- roses ,
I ask, what his alternative is ?
What is Taiwan 's next ?

Observe the demands of the student movement of sunflowers ,
Interspersed with "anti- horse "
" Anti- China" , "anti- globalization "
"Anti- free trade" and other different levels of demand.
"Anti- Ma ", " anti- China" is easier to understand,
But how and "anti- globalization "
"Anti- free trade" equate
How Taiwan's pursuit of self-realization through these slogans
Is the most difficult ,
The most suspenseful part .
Will : Students and mentors the student movement have to meet the new generation of "little indeed fortunate " easy answer?
Students and people who had asked Xiang DPP answer?
If the counter- suit trade,
After four anti-nuclear ,
Masses continue anti- demonstration zone,
Anti- referendum law ,
Antinuclear a nuclear III
Take even the police, legislators ,
MRT and passers outlet ,
This makes Taiwan become better strange.

May wish to take a look at Ukraine.
People even months of street protests ,
Get rid of the president,
The results has led to greater foreign aggression and civil unrest ;
After losing the Crimea ,
Populations everywhere in Ukraine ,
People of different ethnic groups hate each other ,
Carnage . Street fashion movement is by no means democratic activities
When the " evil " to be awakened ,
Nobody had to pack ;
Taiwan 's streets ,
It seems there moving around .

Taiwan Shen malady are profound political, economic ,
This requires positive thinking solutions,
Not just to the streets to say "no ."
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