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Joint / electricity and hours after the DPP own tune
2016-03-30 01:36 Joint United Daily News newspaper on

Tsai important policy aide Zhang Jingsen recently launched an attack requires the Department of Economic slow down the price, but even this agenda DPP legislators do not support, decided to proceed with the implementation of the price. Meanwhile, cut the statutory working hours Lao Dongbu text deletes seven days a national holiday, because labor groups launched protests, not the Legislative Yuan for reference and is dormant. These two disputes, rather than hastily pulled, as Tsai Ing-wen Wu Er ○ Once appointed they face treatment.

"After the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and other deal with their own", not a sarcastic. One, which is more in line with "political responsibility" in the spirit, they have to make it clear that the policy of their own, the consequences of their negative; two, two sets of standards can be avoided, when the opposition Democratic Progressive Party is talking about a set of criteria, after the ruling to change direction, must make it clear to the voters themselves.

Zhangjing Sen requested the Ministry of Economy to suspend tariff cut, although the party was unanimous opposition outside, does not mean that his ideas not desirable. In fact, in a twisted Taipower financial status and tariff structures, which billions of dollars if used to solve long-term problems, as well as to retain or improve air pollution with the development of new energy, the price will be more than spend more comprehensive results. The problem is that Zhang Jingsen formulation, from the role, the timing and legitimacy of each side, all was not appropriate.

On the roles of old and new government is in "transition" status, both sides have counterparts, while Zhang Jingsen count, "Tsai Ing-wen policy office executive" and possible "new cabinet members' identity, went to find the current economy minister Teng Chen-chung in to discuss the matter, internally there are suspected transgression, violation of the current minister of foreign powers. Moreover, the price cut is based on the resolutions of the Legislative Yuan and price formulas come Zhangjing Sen did not matter and that is to study and caucus went actions show that he had a personal hero style, but the lack of institutional concepts.

On occasion, the Taiwan Power Company has announced the April price cut for some time, the people of this large table welcome; and Zhang Jingsen have raised objections to the implementation of the price in a few days before, did not fully discuss the ruling and opposition parties and social reaction space is left, this is a public opinion raid, really had too rough. On legitimacy, the DPP has repeatedly lambasted poor run Taipower and Taipower despite countless losses and only the cost of electricity by a simple formula demand for lower prices; Zhang Jingsen now openly bid to block tariff cut, resulting in the DPP's position repeated impression. Moreover, Zhang Jingsen proposed Descent truths in fact, not altruistic, mainly Tsai promised "no price rose within a decade," he intended for her commitment to fight for space practice, while ignoring the feelings of the people and government decision-making due process.

Currently, the price is fixed every six months to review, after the DPP came to power, if that should be a high price to urge the public saving, can rethink hike in October. By then, it might be a new energy policy Tsai spirit poured into the equation, as broader planning adjustments. Of course, do not forget to consult the views of DPP legislators, and make preparations to convince people.

As the labor dispute to decide how national holiday, and now the ball back to the hands of the DPP. Reduce national holiday, seven days a major number of working hours is accompanied by the "Fortnight eighty-four hours" Save as "forty hours a week," doing synchronization adjustment. The same issue, in fact, six years ago for the first time the ruling Democratic Progressive Party that is been some outcry, before they get deformed hours' Fortnight eighty-four hours "; the question now making a comeback, for the labor day weekend to all KMT must deletion of a national holiday, the DPP will have a clever solution?

In fact, micro DPP recently proposed draft "Day and Festival implementing regulations", impartiality, and remove all the Lao Dongbu finds "not only to commemorate the holiday" Teacher's Day, Independence Day, Chiang Kai-shek's Birthday, etc. seven national holiday, as if the two sides have been understanding. Moreover, Tsai Ing-wen had blurted out "false labor too much," she was frequently called on businesses, revealing strong economic revitalization attempts. If bent on economic revitalization, but also more generous to labor seven days off, she might reach a goal? In addition, the attitude of the labor group is also worth observing that if the KMT deleted seven days national holiday is exploitation, then replaced by the DPP to do, is not it will resist in the end it?

Just old government handover, the price decline and festivals cut controversy at this time the outbreak, particularly worth pondering. Opposition can sing idealism of high-profile, rulers must balance the emphasis on goals and means, the ideal and the reality of dispute. DPP about to board the throne of the ruling, it should clean up their own opposition to boast when under the sea, electricity and labor issues can be said to provide two touchstone.

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