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The Plebiscite has changed. Refuse to accept plebiscite ballots

The Plebiscite has changed. Refuse to accept plebiscite ballots
United Daily News editorial (Taipei, Taiwan, ROC)
A Translation
December 31, 2007

An editorial in this newspaper recently noted that Chen Shui-bian and the DPP's attempt to "package deal" the plebiscite with the election has disrupted the election and may even nullify the election. This view has now become the consensus.

By disrupting or even nullifying the election, the plebiscite promoted by Chen Shui-bian and the DPP has forfeited what little legitimacy it might have had. It has become the enemy of constitutionalism and the rule of law. In order to oppose their attempt to disrupt or even nullify the election, more and more people are saying, "Boycott the Plebiscite."

The people may or may not approve of demands to "recover party assets" or "recover national assets." But they look askance on Chen Shui-bian and the Democratic Progressive Party for exploiting the plebiscite process in such a lawless manner. Plebiscites and referenda were originally a means of enhancing constitutional rule. Now they have been reduced to populist weapons by which Chen Shui-bian and the DPP can destroy constitutional rule. Chen Shui-bian and the Democratic Progressive Party have manipulated the plebiscite and plebiscite process to the point where it no longer has any legitimacy. That is why we are hearing calls from the people to boycott the plebiscite altogether.

People approve of plebiscites. But most people don't approve of lawless manipulation of the plebiscite process. People approve of plebiscites. But most people don't approve of plebiscites being used as tools for political manipulation.

The plebiscite has changed. One. AIT Chairman Raymond F. Burghardt pointed out that the plebiscite has been transformed into a instrument by which Chen Shui-bian can to hijack the election and manipulate the post-election political scenario. As a result, Anyone unwilling to be a hijack victim must oppose this plebiscite, even pale green voters. Chen Shui-bian has taken the DPP hostage. If you want to liberate the DPP from Chen, you should oppose the plebiscite, This will reduce the effectiveness of this tool in Chen Shui-bian's hands.

The plebiscite has changed. Two. Chen Shui-bian and the DPP's manipulation of the plebiscite, is unconstitutional and illegal, illogical and unreasonable. Its defects are too numerous to list. Chen Shui-bian has openly proclaimed that "package dealing the plebiscite with the presidential election is the primary means by which the DPP will win the election." Furthermore, the DPP is misappropriating public funds, extorting money from banks and savings and loans, hijacking the Central Election Committee, engaging in every kind of unconstitutional, illegal, shameless, and unconscionable behavior conceivable. If the people of the nation still have one iota of respect for civilization and the rule of law, how can we tolerate these brigands? How can we allow ourselves to be manipulated by their phony plebiscite?

The plebiscite has changed. Three. As Frank Hsieh noted, the plebiscite will have "after effects." The first after effect will be a vicious struggle between "Deep Green" pro-Chen and "Reformist" anti-Chen factions within the DPP after the election. The second after effect will be the need to heal the rift between Taiwan and the United States. Prevention, as always, is the best cure. Opposing the plebiscite will reveal whether pro-Chen "Deep Green" supporters or anti-Chen "Reformist" supporters are the winners. Chen Shui-bian will be subdued by the outcome. Those taken hostage by Chen Shui-bian can then be liberated as soon as possible, in which case there will be no after effects. As for trust between Taipei and Washington, as long as Chen Shui-bian's phony plebiscite fails, the after effects can be reduced to a minimum.

The plebiscite has changed. Next year's January and March plebiscites are not plebiscites to recover party assets or national assets, or to join the UN or rejoin the UN. They are plebiscites on whether the government has the right to ram illegal and phony plebiscites down the public's throat. They are plebiscites on whether to preserve Taipei/Washington relations. They are plebiscites on whether Chen Shui-bian is going to remain the chessmaster of the political arena, and we are going to remain his pawns. They are votes of non-confidence in Chen Shui-bian's phony plebiscite.

The people must not allow themselves to be manipulated by Chen Shui-bian's phony plebiscite. This newspapers urges voters: Refuse to accept either of the two plebiscite ballots. If we go along with the CEC's "four balloting sequences" at the polling stations, we will have chaos. To solve the problem at its root, refuse to accept any plebiscite ballots. That is the best solution. That is the only countermeasure.

The pendulum always swings back in the opposite direction. Chen Shui-bian and the Democratic Progressive Party have overplayed their hand. The public is reacting vehemently. The nature of the plebiscite has changed. The public cannot endorse a phony plebiscite, and will refuse to accept the plebiscite ballots.

The plebiscite has turned into a vote of non-confidence in Chen Shui-bian. The plebiscite has turned into a plebiscite on rule of law vs. the rule of the mob. The plebiscite has turned into a plebiscite on law and order vs. the law of the jungle. The showdown will take place on March 22, during the presidential election. The prelude will take place on January 12, during the legislative elections. Boycott the plebiscite. If Chen's attempt to package deal the plebiscite with the legislative elections fails, Chen's attempt to package deal a plebiscite with the presidential elections will fail as well.

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國 人或皆同意「討黨產/討國產」及「入聯/返聯」的政治訴求,但不能同意陳水扁及民進黨將「公投」操弄到如今這種無法無天的地步。「公投」原是「提升國家治 理」的憲政公器,如今卻淪為陳水扁及民進黨「摧毀國家治理」的民粹凶器。陳水扁及民進黨操弄下的「公投」已經變質,已失正當性,所以社會上才會出現「拒領 公投票」的呼聲。


公 投已經變質:一、薄瑞光指出,入聯公投已經變質為陳水扁欲綁架新總統及挾持選後政局的公投。因此,這波公投儼然已成為對陳水扁的「信任投票」。凡不願見陳 水扁繼續綁架挾持台灣政局者,就應反對公投。即使淺綠選民,若欲使民進黨擺脫陳水扁的挾持綁架,亦應反對公投,這是降低陳水扁聲勢的有力手段。

公 投已經變質:二、陳水扁及民進黨操弄公投的手段,違憲違法、違理背情,已至罄竹難書的地步。陳水扁公開宣稱「公投綁大選,就是民進黨要贏得選舉的主要手 法」,接下來,民進黨即盜用公帑推動,綁架行庫挹注,更挾持中選會幹盡一切違憲違法、無品無恥的下流下賤勾當;國人倘若對民主憲政及文明廉恥尚有一念顧 惜,豈能贊同這些民主盜匪、憲政蟊賊所操弄的「變質公投」?

公投已經變質:三、如謝長廷所說,公投會有「後遺症」。後遺症之一,是選後必 將引爆民進黨內「深綠/改革」、「挺扁/反扁」的慘烈鬥爭;後遺症之二,是台美信任及友誼的傷口,必須有以療癒。對於「後遺症」的最佳治療,就是事先防 範,不使它發生「後遺症」。只要反對公投,就能使「深綠/改革」、「挺扁/反扁」的勝負早日揭曉,將陳水扁制伏在「公投」之下,即可趁勢早日擺脫陳水扁的 挾持綁架,也就不會有後遺症。至於台美信任,也只要使陳水扁的「公投」失敗,後遺症亦可望減輕至最低程度。




這 是一場「挺陳水扁vs.反陳水扁」的公投,一場「挺憲政民主vs.反憲政民主」的公投,一場「守法畏天vs.無法無天」的公投。決戰點在三二二的總統大 選,序幕戰則是一一二的立委選舉。拒領公投票,只要使陳水扁在綁立委選舉的「公投」失敗,經此「演習」,其綁總統大選的「公投」亦無得逞的可能。

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