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Battles not checks and balances. Internal friction caused the collapse of democracy. Revitalization will require leadership
United Daily News editorial]

The biggest obstacle to Taiwan's economic development,
Has always been "non-economic factors that interfere with the US-led;
For over twenty years has always been so,
The today Youlie.
The reason is that the original are external from the unification and independence struggle to cross-strait confrontation,
, But unknowingly be "internalized" into the blue-green of the irrational struggle.
This is the result in Taiwan's internal injuries and want to enter before the fatal root causes.

The most obvious example is
January after the election so far,
Taiwan's society entirely around the three topics of spin:
First, the U.S. beef case,
License tax,
Dual increase of oil and electricity,
You come to me,
Non-stop round.
Strictly speaking,
These three issues can not be called a break policy.
But the ruling and opposition parties and even the society as a whole, but this consume at least six months,
And not to seek consensus or to find a solution for the purpose.
In this case,
Taiwan there are efforts to push ahead?

The past six months, Taiwan does not have more important things to do?
Whole mountain flood,
Adjustment of the industrial body.
Review of the backward legal system,
Taiwan long-term neglect of the work of the operating
Are all important than these three;
However, the ruling and opposition parties would rather Wai Chan battles on these three things.
Moreover, the world
Countries are in a chain reaction triggered by the debt crisis for Europe to prepare for
Taiwan's ruling and opposition parties just like did not mind;
Not to mention a rainy day
But in reality the situation has been pressing,
Who cares?

Ma's presidential election when advertised to create Taiwan's "golden years"
Today, only three medium-intensity case
Consume the full six months of valuable time,
And three cases are still marking time.
To such a snail-paced,
We find it hard to imagine,
When the people you want to see the Road President Ma promised the dawn of political and economic?

The phenomenon of internal friction,
In fact, it has long been very clear;
Problem, the parties to the causes and background of internal friction of the interpretation of differences
Plus clip wrapped around the personal grudges of the ruling and opposition parties or political figures,
It is difficult to resolve.
However, opposition from the early years of "independence" ideology.
Evolves into a society as a whole "blue-green confrontation to democratic reform.
What we see is the curve of a fall in the social forces.
This curve,
Interwoven by the two forces of "democracy" and "identity"
The early years of the social pursuit of the democratic power of ambitious over identity,
Therefore, the curve is moving up;
In recent years, people agree on a tear greater than the pursuit of democracy,
Society as a whole force curve then slumped down.

That is, the development of democracy and freedom and ethnic identity, or parallel or staggered
Desire for progress of democracy has played a dominant force
Also stimulated the flourishing pluralistic society force.
But with the strengthening of Taiwan consciousness,
The strength of ethnic identity into a spindle,
Unification and independence of the ideology of wrestling hardened into a blue-green confrontation of social
Also took all the enthusiasm of democracy and rational.
The democratic reform tilt to the ethnic identity development.
It is trapped in internal friction Taiwan unable to extricate himself lies at the root.

In the blue-green confrontation,
We see all kinds of distortions and camouflage of democracy.
Such as the opposition parties party politics "checks and balances" on the outline for unlimited boycott and unnecessary fight
Idling caused by political and institutional paralysis,
Even at the subversion of its own ideas.
From the construction of the fourth nuclear power plant was built and go,
Kuo Kuang Petrochemical aborted U.S. beef case repeatedly.
Both are in the squandering of national resources,
Wasted enterprises and the patience of the people,
Is the future of Taiwan to sacrifice the selfishness of the political parties.

To break such a crisis of internal friction,
Must return to the rational orbit of democratic politics,
This requires the ruling party and opposition parties to act together.
On the summit of the "critical years",
Former Chen Shui-bian government SEF Chairman of the Hong Qichang clap for some people to talk
Directed at the core of the problem.
He said: "Our party can not continue to antagonism and confrontation,
We must dialogue
Must be competition and cooperation. He added:
"Taiwan needs a rational and responsible for the loyal opposition,
Need more planning,
Capacity to govern,
For the people to create well-being of the ruling party,
This can lead Taiwan to move forward. "

Indeed so!
A healthy democracy,
The relationship between government and the public should not be a zero-sum competition
But should be competing together,
That was in line with the democratic reason and national interest.
Both sides of the competition between
Should behave in a rational,
Wisdom and good fight for the recognition of the voters,
And not only in order to compete for political power, by whatever means,
Abandoned the state, society, the interests of the people to disregard.
In Taiwan, the alternation of political parties has become the norm,
A community to sink the opposition can not get people's trust
Incapable of ruling a laziness is also difficult to sustain,
People's eyes are discerning.

Can not be denied
Layers of the factors of internal friction in Taiwan,
Interaction of political, economic, social and psychological impact of disputes;
As a result, non-great deal of patience and courage are not enough to stop this sinking spiral.
Over the past four years,
President Ma to adopt a flexible strategy,
I hope to use inclusive
Self-restraint to defuse the hostility of the Democratic Progressive Party,
But the results poor.
President Ma not only failed to secure the cooperation of the Pan-
But everywhere hampered
Even let the people think he is too weak.
Thus, the Government's reform desire to enter,
Economic decline are lacking,
Make people feel anxiety and disappointment,
Even loss of confidence in the country.
This means that President Ma must change the style of
Come up with more effective governance in order to,
Good governance,
Turn the tide.

As a national leader and chairman of the ruling,
Ma Ying-jeou has an absolute responsibility to solve the internal friction
Not only the courage to be,
And act fast.
Otherwise, if the continued vigor of "silent" style,
The performance of the case can not be three to six months to resolve.
The lame-duck effect probably will be out of control.
Then, the ruling party increasingly loose to fall apart,
The administrative departments without virtue,
The historical position of his desire to vanish into thin air.

Taiwan is a race against time,
Also, and their own race.
The ruling party to come up with Sprint's determination,
The opposition parties to get rid of the myth of the battles,
Taiwan have a chance to jump out of the morass of spin its wheels,
This is also the key to open Taiwan's economic.














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