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Returning to the UN vs. Joining the UN: The Fire Burns, The Heat Remains

Returning to the UN vs. Joining the UN: The Fire Burns, The Heat Remains
United Daily New editorial (Taipei, Taiwan, ROC)
A Translation
October 31, 2007

The Democratic Progressive Party's "Join the UN" Torch Relay and the Kuomintang's "Rejoin the UN" Bicycle Tour are each making their way around the island of Taiwan.

As everyone knows this is not really a disagreement over whether to "Rejoin the UN" or to "Join the UN." One: Most people approve of attempts to obtain representation in the UN. Two: Both the "Rejoin the UN" campaign and the "Join the UN" campaign are futile. Three: The result of any "Plebiscite to Join the UN" will be "Nothing will happen." In terms of results, there is no difference between the two campaigns. Therefore the "Join the UN" campaign and the "Rejoin the UN" campaign should not be a matter of controversy.

The "Join the UN" campaign and the "Rejoin the UN" campaign differ over four points. One: Whether to eventually eliminate the Republic of China and establish a Nation of Taiwan. Two: Whether to maintain the status quo, the international modus vivendi, and Taipei/Washington trust. Three: Whether the government may resort to unconstitutional and illegal means to hold a plebiscite/referendum. Four: Whether package-dealing the "Plebiscite to the Join the UN" with the Presidential Election will distort the election results.

Eventually a choice must be made between the Republic of China and a Nation of Taiwan. Chen Shui-bian says the Republic of China is neither here nor there. The Republic of China is already dead. The Republic of China altar will soon be torn down.

The Democratic Progressive Party's Taiwan independence strategy could be described as a "smoke and fire" strategy. Its "Taiwan independence consciousness" is the fire. Its "Taiwanese consciousness" is the smoke. The "Plebiscite to Join the UN" campaign is classic smoke and fire strategy. The DPP uses its "Nation of Taiwan" rhetoric to demand the "rectification of names, the authoring of a new constitution, and the founding of an independent Nation of Taiwan." It asserts that the "Republic of China is already dead." It demands that the "altar of the Republic of China" be demolished. This rhetoric helps ignite the fires of Deep Green "Taiwan independence consciousness." Once these fires are burning, they will turn up the heat on issues such as "Taiwan is our Mother," "native political authority," "Taiwanese consciousness," "Taiwanese pathos," and "Taiwanese dignity." When the fires of "Taiwan independence consciousness" have reached the right temperature, people will no longer be able to see past the smoke of "Taiwanese consciousness." The frog in the pot will already be cooked. The fires of "Taiwan independence consciousness" will burn brighter and brighter. The smoke of "Taiwanese consciousness" will spread farther and farther, penetrating every nook and cranny.

It was necessary for the Kuomintang to counter the "Join the UN" campaign with its own "Rejoin the UN" campaign. Otherwise voters would have a choice of only one "Join the UN" initiative during the presidential election. The potential repercussions of that are unthinkable. But the Kuomintang is engaging the DPP in battle only at the level of "Taiwanese consciousness." It lacks the ability and courage to deal with the "Republic of China/Nation of Taiwan" issue at the level of "Taiwan independence consciousness." This is the principle reason it finds itself in its current dilemma. The Kuomintang has endorsed the "Taiwanese consciousness" embedded within the UN issue. It lacks the ability to warn people that the "Plebiscite to Join the UN" is merely a "Taiwan independence Plebiscite" veneer, applied to a "Taiwan independence consciousness" core. The Kuomintang wants to take refuge within the smoke generated by the Democratic Progressive Party's flames of "Taiwanese consciousness." It is even helping the Democratic Progressive Party fan the flames, accelerating their spread. The Kuomintang wants to jump on the Democratic Progressive Party's bandwagon, in order to avoid criticism. It lacks the ability and courage to extinguish the flames that are generating the smoke.

If one fails to extinguish the flames, how can one disperse the smoke? Conversely, if the flames cannot burn, how can there be smoke?

The "Plebiscite to Join/Rejoin the UN" campaign has four major problems. The "Nation of Taiwan/Republic of China" option lies at the heart of the dispute between the Blue and Green camps. The Democratic Progressive Party must prove that a Nation of Taiwan is preferable to the Republic of China. The Kuomintang must prove that the Republic of China is preferable to a Nation of Taiwan. The Democratic Progressive Party must prove that a "Nation of Taiwan" is beneficial to its "Taiwanese consciousness." The Kuomintang must prove that the "Republic of China" is beneficial to "Taiwanese consciousness." As matters stand, the Democratic Progressive Party's "Nation of Taiwan" fire is burning brightly and generating a great deal of heat. The Kuomintang meanwhile, seems incapable of generating the same heat for the Republic of China. It seems to think that as long as it fans the Democratic Progressive Party's flames of "Taiwanese consciousness," then any heat generated somehow becomes the Kuomintang's heat. It doesn't realize that since these were flames started by the Democratic Progressive Party, it is merely helping the Democratic Progressive Party's flame burn brighter. The Democratic Progressive Party need only declare that "There is a Blue/Green consensus on the issue of Joining the UN" to coopt the the Kuomintang and make it look as if it has endorsed the Democratic Progressive Party's initiative. If the Kuomintang cannot light its own fire, how can it generate its own heat?

The entire scenario is being stage-managed by the Democratic Progressive Party, using its "smoke and fire strategy." Look at the way government-owned and privately-owned banks and credit unions lined up to contribute to the "Plebiscite to Join the UN." That's how far the Democratic Progressive Party's artificially concocted "Taiwanese consciousness" has infiltrated society. That's how it has hijacked voters and promoted its "Taiwan independence Effect." The Kuomintang has fanned the smoke, but it has refused to put out the fire. This has led to a situation in which the fire burns, and the heat remains.

If the Kuomintang can't tell us why the Republic of China is preferable to a Nation of Taiwan, then what platform is it running on? Why should we vote for it on election day? If you can't light your own fire, how can you generate your own heat?

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