Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Bian Confers Chinese Medals Upon Taiwan Independence Elders

A Bian Confers Chinese Medals Upon Taiwan Independence Elders
[United Daily News / Black and White Issues]
Translated by Bevin Chu
May 17, 2008

Chen Shui-bian, who will soon step down, has been handing out medals as if they were product samples. More than a few Taiwan independence elders have been so honored. The more familiar names include Peng Ming-min, Koo Kuan-min, Chen Chi-sheng, Chen Long-chi, and Wu Li-fu.

Chen Shui-bian asserts that the Republic of China is dead. Yet he solemnly confers Republic of China medals upon Taiwan independence elders who would relegate the Republic of China to the dustbin of history. What an absurd scenario this is!

Taiwan independence is a revolutionary movement. Early champions of Taiwan independence refused to participate in Republic of China elections. They considered participation in Republic of China elections tacit recognition of the Republic of China's political legitimacy, hence contrary to revolutionary thinking. Who knew that under Chen Shui-bian, these champions of Taiwan independence would eventually concede the legitimacy of Republic of China elections? Who knew that after eight years, on the eve of Chen's departure from office, these Taiwan independence elders would line up to receive Republic of China medals?

The DPP refuses to acknowledge Sun Yat-sen's status as founding father. Yet Annette Lu accepted a Sun Yat-sen Medal. Chang Chun-hsiung is also an advocate of Taiwan independence. Yet he was delighted to be awarded a Chiang Kai-shek Medal, even though he and his peers have labeled Chiang Kai-shek "chief culprit in the 228 Incident." It's hard to decide whether this is an insult to the Republic of China medals, or an insult to champions of Taiwan independence.

The Republic of China has not had an easy time of it. It has been trampled into the dust by champions of Taiwan independence for the past eight years. For the past eight years champions of Taiwan independence have waged campaigns to "Rectify the Name of the Nation and Author a New Constitution," and to eliminate the name "Republic of China." One of their numbers has even occupied the office of the Republic of China President for eight years. But in the end the Republic of China survived. Champions of Taiwan independence have been driven out of office, and the Republic of China has gained a new lease on life.

From this perspective, Taiwan independence has paradoxically contributed to he Republic of China's survival. Champions of Taiwan independence hijacked the Republic of China for eight years. But ultimately they merely confirmed that Taiwan independence was a pipe dream. Under the Chen Shui-bian regime champions of Taiwan independence looted the nation three ways from Sunday, and showed the world their true faces. The result was a pendulum effect. The Republic of China returned to life. From this perspective, perhaps bestowing prized Republic of China medals on these champions of Taiwan independence makes perfect sense. After all, their eight years of rampant misrule and moral degeneracy unwittingly rescued the Republic of China from oblivion.

Besides, Chen Shui-bian conferred these medals upon these champions of Taiwan independence out of gratitude. It is only right that he reward them for shielding him from the consequences of eight years of rampant misrule and moral degeneracy.

2008.05.17 04:24 am


主張中華民國已死的陳水扁總統,以中華民國的勳章,頒授給欲置中華民國於死地 的台獨大老。這是何等荒謬的鏡頭!



說起來中華民國還真不簡單,被這些台獨蹂躪摧殘了八年,正名制憲、去中華民國化,連總統都給台獨幹了八年;但最後中華民國竟仍能僥倖存活下來,把這些台獨 趕下了台,恢復了中華民國的一線生機。


何況,陳水扁為了感謝台獨大老對他八年失政敗德的包庇支持,也理當對他們贈勳 表揚!

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