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From Seattle to Beijing: More Imagination Needed
United Daily News editorial (Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China)
A Translation
February 17, 2014


Full text below:

When Wang and Zhang met in Shanghai they talked about the possibility of a "Ma Xi meeting."
The message Mainland Affairs Council Chief Wang Yu-chi brought back was,
"A Ma Xi meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting is unlikely, and there is as yet no alternative."
His words can be interpreted three ways.
One. Beijing does not oppose a Ma Xi meeting.
Two. APEC is not an appropriate venue.
Three. A Ma Xi meeting could be held elsewhere.

A meeting between the leaders of the two sides is something the Mainland has urged for many years.
Growing cross-strait peace makes it an opportunity that must not be missed.
This is a critical opportunity to cement the legacy of Ma Ying-jeou and Xi Jinping.
But Beijing has reservations about a Ma Xi meeting at APEC.
Several problems are involved. 
One. Bureaucratic caution regarding rapid developments in cross-strait relations.
Two. The asking price for negotiations may be a consideration.
Cross-strait economic interaction must not be predicated upon unconditional concessions to Taipei.
Cross-strait political interaction must not be predicated upon Taipei getting anything and everything it wants.
Three. Political concerns have yet to be eliminated.
Beijing may want to avoid the internal and external impression that there are "two Chinas" or
"One China and one Taiwan."
In the event of a change in the ruling party on Taiwan, Beijing may want to avoid having to make the came concessions to the new ruling party.

It matters not which of the above problems
is most important.
They will all require greater imagination to resolve and get past.
The official exchange of views on this issue is already an important step.

The Wang Zhang meeting was an historic event.
The decision was made not to discuss a Ma Xi meeting in Nanjing.
The two sides were still exploring each other's intent and bottom line.
And the choice of every tea Syria " chat " two- way exchange of views in Shanghai ,
With this arrangement,
Rather is also a political art .
Tea Syria , Wang Yu-chi comes autumn Beijing APEC is " Ma Xi will be " the most appropriate forum ,
Communist China 's Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun said that Beijing 's position that " inappropriate " and so on ;
Although the conclusion is negative,
But as long as careful to clarify the historical context and the burden of tangled,
This is not no solution.

For Taiwan to attend the APEC informal leaders summit limit ,
CCP has always been about APEC "MOU" provisions and practices as a shield.
Back in history ,
"MOU" year of the three places to join the formation of APEC ,
Was signed in 1991 ,
The APEC was still a major Asia-Pacific economies , " ministerial " forum for dialogue ;
Therefore , in addition to the provisions of the Taiwan name " Chinese Taipei " , the
Taiwan can only send more restrictions related to the Minister of Economic Affairs to attend the ministerial meeting ,
Ministers of Foreign Affairs shall be sent .

However, the informal " Leadership Summit " of APEC ,
But it is only held in 1993 under the initiative of the then U.S. President Bill Clinton ;
Taiwan leader that Seattle was unable to attend the summit ,
It just comes from the CCP in consultation with the United States ,
Clinton asked the participants not to invite the leaders of Taiwan ,
Since the formation of Beijing and mid- pressure call " practice ."
In other words , the "MOU" In fact, the problem can not regulate economy leaders attended ,
But Beijing with a feather when the authority arrow to expand explained
Coupled with the realities of international power politics caused .
Follow this convention into practice ,
Known as the " Seattle model ."

In fact, after President Ma took office,
I attended an informal APEC leaders summit ,
On the identity of rank ,
From ministers promoted to vice president level ( retired ) level ;
On behalf of the professional ,
And has taken the economic and trade fields and in the political sphere .
In other words , with the continuous accumulation of peaceful development of cross-strait relations and cross-strait mutual trust ,
"MOU" can sometimes be forgotten ,
" Seattle model" has also long been quietly being relaxed .

Seen in this light ,
In an important opportunity for the development of cross-strait relations moment ,
May face the dawn of " Ma Xi will ", the
As long as the two sides can establish political discourse framework acceptable to both parties ,
" Memorandum of Understanding " and " Seattle model"
Burden and frameworks can unlock homeopathy ,
Moreover ,
Communist China , including thinking,
Cross-strait political and economic negotiations ,
To establish the direction of development of cross-strait peace ,
These problems can be solved,
The two sides also able clearance political maze .

History pace of cross-strait relations,
Can you move towards " Ma Xi will " from the " king sheets will "
Not yet known.
Can not be denied ,
Taiwan is concerned ,
Promoting " Ma Xi will " not " break sipping tight Bowl" ;
To say the least ,
" Ma Xi will " realize the possibilities
Resides on both sides beyond the " Seattle model"
Further innovations political imagination " Beijing model" .
This will require the two sides more wisdom and imagination ,
As well as leaders from both sides to overcome the resistance ,
Innovative situation determination.
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對於台灣出席APEC非正式領袖峰會的限制,中共一向以APEC有關「諒解備忘錄」的規定和慣例作為擋箭牌。回溯歷史,當年為兩岸三地加入APEC而形成的「諒解備忘錄」,是在一九九一年所簽署,當時的APEC主要還是一個亞太經濟體「部長級」的對話論壇;因此,除規定台灣名稱為「Chinese Taipei」外,更限制台灣只能派經濟事務有關的部長出席部長會議,不得派外交部長與會。





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