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How Dare Tsai Ing-wen Attend the National Day Ceremony?

How Dare Tsai Ing-wen Attend the National Day Ceremony?
United Daily News editorial (Taipei, Taiwan, ROC)
A Translation
October 13, 2010

Will Tsai Ing-wen attend the National Day ceremony or won't she? This is basically a non-issue. During Democratic Progressive Party protest marches, flags and banners are so numerous they block out the sun. But one will never see a single Republic of China flag. The party's fundamental nature has not changed. The five cities elections are looming. How dare Tsai Ing-wen attend the National Day ceremony?

This is one of the fundamental paradoxes on Taiwan. A "revolutionary political party" has an unspoken goal -- to overthrow the Republic of China. Yet it runs for Republic of China political offices in the guise of a "democratic political party." On the one hand, at election time, it assures moderate voters that it is a "democratic political party." On the other hand, it assures Taiwan independence supporters that it is a "revolutionary political party." On the one hand, upon taking office, it declares "five noes." On the other hand, it promotes the "rectification of names," the "authoring of a new constitution," a "referendum to enter the UN," and "one nation on each side.“ Over the past eight years, when President Chen Shui-bian presided over the New Year's Day flag-raising ceremony, the DPP parade formation would be filled with "Nation of Taiwan" flags and banners, fluttering in the breeze, blotting out the sun.

The DPP's two-faced nature has reached extremes. Its supporters apparently believe their two-faced nature is a "necessary evil," essential for the growth of Taiwan independence, which cannot survive without it. Perhaps in the beginning the DPP concluded that in order to ensure the survival of Taiwan independence, it had no choice but to adopt this two-faced behavior. But it now engages in this two-faced behavior to exploit Taiwan independence. In other words, it originally engaged in political manipulation to promote Taiwan independence. Now however, it engages in political manipulation to exploit Taiwan independence. This practice has transformed the DPP's two-faced behavior into "ersatz democracy/ersatz Taiwan independence." It can no longer extricate itself, and is dragging its supporters into this moral quagmire.

In order to advocate Taiwan independence, the DPP must express "total opposition." It must incite hatred. It must tear society apart. It must express opposition merely for the sake of expressing opposition. The DPP's unspoken goal is to overthrow the Republic of China. For this it has a tacit understanding with its supporters. How can it possibly accept any of the ROC government's key policies? ECFA is clear example. ECFA is part of the Republic of China path. It is fundamentally opposed to the "Nation of Taiwan" path. If the DPP sides with the Republic of China, how can it possibly oppose ECFA? Conversely, if it champions Taiwan independence, how can it not oppose ECFA?

In almost any political controversy, the DPP criticizes the "Republic of China" from a "Nation of Taiwan" perspective. For example, when typhoons caused flooding in Kaohsiung, DPP officials said the disaster was caused by "too many Mainlanders." For example, during the H1N1 influenza outbreak, DPP officials said "This was the Ma administration's first anniversary gift to Taiwan." The DPP has cultivated in the minds of its supporters the belief that "Taiwan independence is more exalted morally than the Republic of China." It has even cultivated in the minds of its supporters the belief that "Taiwan independence is more exalted morally than any value one can imagine." For Taiwan independence, "repudiating the Republic of China" and "hating the Republic of China" is the highest morality. Therefore for the sake of Taiwan independence, one is morally justified in opposing democracy, the rule of law, even morality itself.

Given this understanding, it is obvious why the DPP felt the courts had no right to judge Chen Shui-bian's corruption. After all, for the DPP, Taiwan independence trumps the rule of law. That is why Chen Shui-bian's 3/19 shooting hoax, Frank Hsieh's doctored audio tapes, and Chen Chu's "gotcha" press conference, were all considered morally justifiable. After all, for the DPP, Taiwan independence trumps democracy. Repeated distortions of the water spinach issue slandered the entire Flora Expo. This was another spectacular victory for the DPP. After all, for the DPP, Taiwan independence is the highest morality, and trumps even morality itself. For the sake of Taiwan independence, any immoral or unscrupulous conduct is considered acceptable.

This is the unspoken goal shared by the DPP and its supporters. On the one hand, the DPP uses this understanding to brazenly engage in all sorts of trickery. It incites hatred, destroys democracy, undermines the rule of law, and ignores moral standards. Nevertheless it still receives over 40% of the vote. On the other hand, it is also the reason the DPP can never transform itself from a "Taiwan Independence Party" into the "Republic of China's loyal opposition." In recent years, the world, the Taiwan Strait, and Taiwan have changed. The moral status of Taiwan independence, its legitimacy and its feasibility, have been increasingly eroded. The DPP and its supporters, with their two-faced advocacy of "ersatz democracy/ersatz Taiwan independence," have destroyed the Republic of China. But they have also hollowed out and falsified the "Nation of Taiwan."

Tsai Ing-wen has already embarked on the same path as all other DPP leaders. She will share the same fate. On the one hand, the DPP wants to seize political power within the Republic of China under the guise of a "democratic political party." On the other hand, the DPP wants to deceive Taiwan independence supporters under the guise of a "revolutionary political party." Tsai Ing-wen cannot attend the ROC National Day ceremony. All she can do is hold high the "Nation of Taiwan" banner as she marches in lockstep formation. All she can do is perpetuate the DPP's two-faced game of self-deception.










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