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Wu Shu-chen Statement Exposes Shenanigans at the Presidential Mansion

Wu Shu-chen Statement Exposes Shenanigans at the Presidential Mansion
United Daily News editorial (Taipei, Taiwan, ROC)
A Translation
March 20, 2009

The Chen Shui-bian corruption and money-laundering trial officially begins next week. This week Wu Shu-chen and Chen Cheng-hui confronted each other. The court issued a warrant for Huang Fang-yen's arrest. Four charges have been made. The broad outlines of the Discretionary Fund case have been established. Wu Shu-chen's statement will provide the public with an inside look at the shenanigans that went on inside the Presidential Residence.

One's first impression of the Presidential Mansion is that it was piled high with cash. At least 1.1 billion in cash was transported from the Presidential Mansion to the Cathay United Bank. The total weight of the cash was over 600 kilograms, or over 1300 pounds. Packing them into kraft paper bags containing 5 million dollars each, required over 220 bags. Wu Shu-chen said some of the money at the Presidential Mansion was locked in a safe, some was stuffed into a closet, some was locked in an unused room, and some was stuffed into gunny sacks sitting on the floor. With her own eyes Chen Cheng-hui saw sacks of cash taking up the entire floor.

Just imagine. Wu Shu-chen has limited mobility. Boxes and sacks filled with bank notes were moved back and forth within the Presidential Mansion because the First Family was afraid to entrust outsiders to move it elsewhere. Just picture President Chen Shui-bian, Chen Chih-chung, and Chen Hsing-yu, constantly moving the money around. Just imagine, someone who has attained the rank of president, schlepping gunny sacks back and forth, stuffing banknotes into 5 million dollar kraft paper bags.

The Chen family had two billion in cash at home and abroad, that we know about. Chen Shui-bian says he contributed one billion to Democratic Progressive Party candidates. Add to this cash which already converted to real estate, jewelry, and other forms of wealth. No wonder this bizzare scenario, of rooms piled high with cash, would manifest itself at the Presidential Mansion. Visitors have even testified that the air in the Presidential Mansion was filled with the odor of bank notes. Within this money infested den of iniquity, Ah-Bian, Ah-Chen, Chih-chung, Hsing-yu received money, fondled money, played with money, counted money, hugged money, moved money, divvyed up money, bundled money, hid money, obssessed over money, laundered money, laid down in money. How did an entire family become so crooked, to where they no longer bore any resemblance to normal people?

Apparently these four members of the Chen family equated power with money, and the office of the president as a tool for obtaining money. Democracy was a pretext. Politics was merely a game of black gold. On the one hand, the money amassed could be spread around like confetti, sponsoring Democratic Progressive Party candidates, solidifying his hold on the presidency. On the other hand, the billions or even tens of billions of dollars amassed could earn more money, increasing his power. The Chen family business was a business that required zero capital but amassed astronomical profits. It was a uniquely Taiwanese Business Model.

The Presidential Mansion was filled to overflowing with money. Several hundred million dollars of this money was stuffed into vans and driven straight into the Presidential Mansion. Some was collected by the First Lady from various sources, one false invoice at a time, then sent to the Presidential Office. Each alleged "campaign contribution" amounted to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Many members of the public are asking themselves why Ah-Bian and Ah-Chen felt compelled to go after the relatively paltry sums involved in the State Affairs Fund case, the Nankang case, and the Lungtan case? Why did they go after Mrs. Luo and Ah-Ching Shao's monthly allowance of 20,000 dollars?

Ah-Ching Shao was a loyal retainer. Her monthly salary was reportedly only 20,000 NT. Given the Chen family's financial resources, to pay her such meager wages was not merely stingy, it was heartless. The Chen family amassed a fortune. Yet it paid her out of the public treasury. It drew upon an "Intelligence Services Allowance." It had taxpayers support her through the Presidential Office. Such calculation is hard-hearted and unscrupulous beyond belief.

What is Chen Cheng-hui but another Ah-Ching Shao? The Chen family took advantage of Chen Cheng-hui. It exploited her long and dependent relationship. Every month Chen Cheng-hui processed false invoices. On orders from President Chen she kept two sets of books. On orders from Lin Teh-hsing she destroyed receipts. She counted out bank notes in the Cathay United Bank vault. She accompanied armed bodyguards when they transported banknotes. Did Chen Cheng-hui, a Christian, have doubts about what she was doing? Did she wrestle with her conscience? The lid has already been blown off the scandal. Yet Wu Shu-chen still asserts that Chen Cheng-hui, "on her own initiative," asked to take custody of the State Affairs Funds and move it to the Presidential Mansion for safekeeping. We have just one question for Ah-Chen. Just how far do you intend to go in your abuse of Chen Cheng-hui?

The Presidential Mansion had a one-way safe into which money entered but never emerged. This presented a storage problem. Therefore Chen Shui-bian had another safe installed at the Presidential Office. After that vans drove directly into the Presidential Mansion, loaded up with cash, then delivered the bank notes to the Presidential Office. The Presidential Mansion and the Presidential Office sometimes operated independently and sometimes worked hand in han. Lee Chieh-mu personally visited the Presidential Mansion for orders on how to embezzle money. Ah-Bian, Ah-Chen, Ma Yung-chen, Lin Teh-hsung held conferences at the Presidential Mansion on how to evade prosecution. Huang Fang-yen convened meetings in the Presidential Office, attended by Ma Yung-cheng, Cheng Shen-chi, Ku Chung-liang, on how to launder money. Ku Chung-liang personally lugged 50 million NT in cash to the Presidential Office!

What sort of Presidential Office is this? What sort of Presidential Mansion is this? What sort of President and First Lady is this? Their crimes are too numerous to list.

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扁家四口的思想顯然是:權力就是金錢,「總統」這個職位就是生財營利的工具,民主就是騙錢的口實,政治則根本只是黑金遊戲。一方面,用聚斂來的錢財,天女散花似地贊助民進黨候選人十億元,以鞏固自己的權位;另一方面自己則「笑納」數十億元甚或數百億元。用權斂財,以錢養權。扁家這個「營利事業」,無本,天文數字的「利潤」,不啻是台灣獨一無二的Business Model。






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